December 22, 2004

Red & Blue ... & Yellow & Green?

Ann is wondering whether "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" has become the "new red/blue." She wonders, "We're declaring political positions now with our choice of seasonal pleasantry?" Actually, I have heard more "Merry Christmases" this year in Madison than anywhere in recent memory. Now that Ann mentions it, however, most of the people who use the expression know me as a believer in Jesus Christ, so perhaps this is some sort of unity code.

However you feel about that, I think you will be interested in this map, courtesy of my co-blogger Greg Call at Times & Seasons. The map shows a county by county report of generic names used for soft drinks. Hmm. "Soda" is shown in yellow and olive and looks suspiciously Democrat (California and the Northeast), with "Coke" (red) and "Pop" (blue) dominating Republican states (Texas, the South, and Middle America). Predictably, Wisconsin is a state divided. And take a look at Florida to see the influence of Yankees in the Southeast! A few counties come up green for "other." Is that like voting for Ralph Nader?

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