December 23, 2004

Office Makeover

I was one of the few law professors at the law school today. My son and I spent six hours cleaning and reorganizing my office. I am not Adrian Monk-like, but I have a hard time being productive when surrounded by mountains of books and papers, so I make a habit of cleaning out my office at the end of every semester. Today was for deep cleaning.

I threw away old exam answers, long-forgotten handouts, and working papers and reprints that I will never read. Two huge trash containers later, my office is now livable again. My desktop is pristine. My son organized all of my non-casebook books (probably 300+ books, though I didn't count). And materials for my various research projects are neatly sorted. I am excited for my leave next semester, and the only thing that stand in my way is grading. Bah, humbug!

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