January 26, 2005

Update on the Disappearance of Damn

In an earlier post, I reported on the censorship of my favorite chili mix. Then today in a WSJ article describing Anheuser's nixing of a racy Super Bowl ad, I read this:

Fox has even tweaked the name of a special network broadcast of its cable hit "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" to "The Best Darn Super Bowl Road Show Period."

The FoxSports cable show seems to have retained the name.

Now, I'm not going to take up the word "damn" as a cause of mine. However, have these people ever watched network television? I once watched Everybody Loves Raymond with my parents and was frozen with shame at two words that we never would have said in our house! And now with Katie Couric exposing middle school sex, I think we have enough to worry about.

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