January 30, 2005

The Iraq Election

iraq.jpgI have been watching the television reports of voting in Iraq, and this is inspiring. CNN is now airing a briefing by Iraqi election officials. Abdul Hussein Al-Hindawi, the Chief Election Commissioner just commented on the turnout: "It has exceeded our expectations." It is still early, about three hours into the elections, but I hope the good news continues.

UPDATE: Alla Al-Tamimi, Mayor of Baghdad, "This is the greatest day in our history."

UPDATE: I just added the picture, which seems to sum up the positive feelings about the election from Iraqis. I love the ink-stained index finger as a symbol of democracy. If I were George Bush, I would hold up an ink-stained finger in the State of the Union address this week. He would be right to feel at least partially vindicated by yesterday's results.

Posted by Gordon at January 30, 2005 01:13 AM | Politics