February 10, 2005

Update on Law Review Length

Orin Kerr is reporting that he received an email from Harvard Law Review that the review has adopted new, shorter submission standards. (Note that the only email I've ever received from HLR is in the "Thank you for your submission. We receive one zillion articles a semester" category.) According to the email, the review will give preference to articles under 25,000 words and will only publish articles over 35,000 words in extraordinary circumstances. The posting also notes that UVa has stated it will give preference to articles under 20,000 words and a negative preference to articles over 30,000 words. Maybe the trend is like the trend in cell phones. They just keep getting smaller and smaller.

UPDATE: The Harvard letter is here.

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Posted by Christine at February 10, 2005 01:57 PM | Law Schools & Lawyering