February 12, 2005


The NYT ran a story this week about Wikinews, "an experiment in collaborative news gathering and reporting." Commentators in the story immediately latched onto the main problem with translating the success of Wikipedia to news: timeliness. For example, I just looked at the Economy and Business section of Wikinews and the most recent article is "Carly Fiorina Ousted from HP," dated February 9. And, of course, the brief article depends on several MSM articles for basic information. No, this does not look promising.

Thanks to Bernard for the tip. See his AlwaysOn column for more spot on insights on wikis, including this: "It's a wicked, wicked world out there, and everyone needs rules to live by. Wikipedia is no exception: Marked more by inconsistency than entropy, Wikipedia (like other wikis) needs more rules and enforcement if it's to improve as a source of information."

Posted by Gordon at February 12, 2005 11:26 PM | Internet