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Guttentag on Disclosure Regulation (September 01, 2005)

Michael Guttentag develops a nice model of disclosure regulation that captures the interactions between two possible types of disclosures: those... (Category: Junior Scholars)

Thank You (August 14, 2005)

Today marks the end of my guest-blogging fortnight at the Conglomerate. Thank you Vic, Gordon and Christine for being great... (Category: Blogs and Blawgs)

Poker Wars (August 12, 2005)

Steve Rosenbloom at reports that the World Series of Poker is taking on the World Poker Tour for dominance... (Category: Gambling)

Google and Search Engine Payola (August 08, 2005)

CNN reports that some advertisers participating in Google's paid search program (which auctions the ad space to the right of... (Category: Google)

Law Prof Consulting and Ethics (August 08, 2005)

From ContractsProfBlog,the Wisconsin Supreme Court publicly reprimanded an inactive Wisconsin attorney doing work in Colorado and ordered him to return... (Category: Business Ethics)

The Three Tenors Fought the Law ... (August 06, 2005)

The D.C. Circuit recently handed down its decision, written by no less an antitrust luminary than Chief Judge Ginsburg, in... (Category: Law & Economics)

Shaqonomics (August 03, 2005)

Shaq was due $125 million over the next five years with the Miami Heat under terms of his freshly signed... (Category: Sports)

Shuffle Up and Deal (August 03, 2005)

Vic semi-seriously introduced a syllabus for a poker and the law course. No less than John Bates Clark medal winner... (Category: Gambling)

Some Economics of Payola (August 01, 2005)

Thanks for the kind introduction Vic. I figured I would start off with a more substantive post about payola before... (Category: Law & Economics)

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